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Faded Echoes is an AU TVD-verse that kicks off after Mid Season 3 with a whole new twist. In the small town of Mystic Falls, go beyond what TVD offers and submerge into Original Plots or Character Driven Plots. FE has more than just the normal Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, but gives you the opportunity to create Shifters or Hybrids as well.

We stray after the Homecoming episode in Season 3 of Vampire Diaries and provide players a place to take the story how THEY want to, using the TVD setting as the foundation to develop as YOU like, encouraging Original Characters OR Canons. Don't know the show? No problem. You just need the setting!

The Original Families, Vampire and Werewolves, are back in town after the Mikaelson family was released by Tatia Petrova, giving us a whole new set up then the show.

We are an intermediate para RP with mandatory application. Jcink Premium. Proper Registration is with your characters First Last name in proper case. Example as follows: Elena Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, John/Smith.

Account Per Character site. 400 Word Count.


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 it's a twingenuity thing, twin sister || 25 || shifter || open pb
Irish Brown Bear


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Jan 1 2018, 11:17 PM

25 || Twin Sister || Bear Shifter || Openish PB
So this ad is for Killian’s twin sister! That pretty face up there is Kate Potter, one of the suggested faces, but his sister’s name is open so for the sake of this want ad, I’m going to call her Kate. You can name her whatever you want. He last name should be Gallagher unless she is married. Some other suggested faces are Luca Hollestelle, Rose Leslie, and Kate Mara, Anna Lutoskin, Ellie Bamber. These are just some ideas. My only requirement for her play by is that she is a redhead.

What you need to know about Killian and the Gallaghers:
The Gallaghers are from Galway, Ireland. There is Mum, Dad, Patrick, Sean, Killian, Twin Sister, Rhia, and Aiden. They are all bear shifters and they are all redheads! They’re a fun, rowdy bunch. Killian is a good, loyal guy with a good heart. He likes people and talking, although he talks way too much and comes off as kind of awkward. He likes his guitar, comedy clubs, and Rhia's cooking. Often, he is restless and gets distracted easily. Killy hates golfing, sunshine and silence. He's just an affectionate Irish boy.

Now, Killian tends to find himself in trouble more often then he really should. He can’t hold a real job, because he likes the idea of quick money. He takes jobs as security or stealing stuff for people who pay the bug bucks. Sometimes, he messes these jobs up kinda big. Killy’s twin sister is his saving grace and best friend. She is his go to person when he’s in trouble or has messed something up. When Killian has made a mess, sister here is the one that is there to clean it up or bail him out, and usually kick his butt after haha

So for Kate, she is pretty much completely open. She has to be 25, a redhead, and a bear shifter. She can be a polar bear or a Eurasian brown bear because Mum is a brown bear and Dad is a polar bear. Killy is a brown bear. Her personality is open but she should be capable of taking charge when Killy has messed up. For her history, you can read about what their childhood/home life was like in Killy’s app. It wasn’t something horrible. They grew up in a noisy environment, Mum and Dad fought a lot and kind of just left the kid to their own devices. Her relationship with their parents and other siblings is up to you. Their older brother Patrick is on board. He is played by Tia so you can and should read his app too!

Killian spent the last year working for the mafia in Italy, mostly a security type job. He messed up his last job pretty majorly. He was supposed to be guarding a guy transporting a million dollars to buy some rare item. Killy and this partner got drunk and gambled about half the money away. They faked their deaths, or hope that they did, and hightailed it out of Italy. And in typical Killy fashion he went to find his twin sister because he didn’t know what else to do. He didn’t tell her why he was there or what had happened. This is too big and too dangerous to tell her. He just told her that his job ended and he wanted to come visit.

Kate was living in or near Mystic Falls. What she was doing is up to you. She could have been attending school at Whitmore or here for some kind of job. Whatever she was doing, she tells Killy that he can’t stay with her for some reason. Maybe she was living in a sorority house? Maybe she had a boyfriend or roommate that wasn’t cool with the idea? So Killy goes to stay with Rhia and her friend Eissa in Mystic Falls. Shortly after Killy arrives in town, Kate flies back to Ireland for a visit. Or she could have gone to Italy to study for a semester. While she is over there, the mafia that Killy so kindly screwed over kidnaps her. It’s been a couple months since Killy has seen Kate, and he’s starting to get really worried. He gets text messages from her a couple days a week, but it hasn’t been enough to convince him that everything is fine. He’s looking into hiring someone to find her. He’ll go toe to toe with the mafia to get her back, if he has to.

How she gets free from the mafia is up to you or something that we can discuss together. Does she talk her way out? Fight tooth and nail? Maybe she shows up here with one of the mafia guys?

If you want to snag her feel free to send me a PM or ask for Caitie in the Cbox! Feel free to send me a PM if you have questions!
Killian's Appilcation | Site Plot
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