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Faded Echoes is an AU TVD-verse that kicks off after Mid Season 3 with a whole new twist. In the small town of Mystic Falls, go beyond what TVD offers and submerge into Original Plots or Character Driven Plots. FE has more than just the normal Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, but gives you the opportunity to create Shifters or Hybrids as well.

We stray after the Homecoming episode in Season 3 of Vampire Diaries and provide players a place to take the story how THEY want to, using the TVD setting as the foundation to develop as YOU like, encouraging Original Characters OR Canons. Don't know the show? No problem. You just need the setting!

The Original Families, Vampire and Werewolves, are back in town after the Mikaelson family was released by Tatia Petrova, giving us a whole new set up then the show.

We are an intermediate para RP with mandatory application. Jcink Premium. Proper Registration is with your characters First Last name in proper case. Example as follows: Elena Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, John/Smith.

Account Per Character site. 400 Word Count.

Site Event! Renn Fest!

come one, come all!

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 Relapse, rehab, repeat, Addict Counselor/AA Sponsor/Matt Czuchry


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Apr 23 2018, 02:42 PM

Rehab Counselor/
AA Sponsor

user posted image

25-45 | Supporter | (Open-ish Face Claim/Species?)
The guy up there in the gif is Matt Czuchry. I kind of have my heart set on him because I would LOVE to see his face on board since we have a Milo Ventimiglia character on board (who happens to work for the ER) and the rivalry makes my heart SO VERY HAPPY. PLEASE MAKE THIS A THING.

This is sort of a general wanted ad because there are quite a few characters on board that have drinking problems or drug addictions. I have this idea that this character can either be a doctor (remember that rivalry I mentioned with the Milo Ventimigilia face? He’s a warlock on board named as Oliver Blake if this is the path you want to take for a doctor!) or an addictions counselor or rehabilitation counselor. Some research is necessary for this role because I’d like to see that the character is portrayed realistically, so he’s not a 23 year old surgeon or something of that nature. It takes years to become a doctor which can result in crippling debt (so maybe he comes from old Southern money or something, or worked hella hard for scholarships, or brokered a deal with a vampire to compel some debt away).

If he’s a doctor, he could just be in AA (or Narcotics Anonymous) and could be a sponsor for a few characters on board. I would like that he knows of the supernatural somehow, either he is one himself or his brother/sister/family is a witch/shifter/werewolf and he doesn’t have the gene. This character could potentially be a vampire or a hybrid with some imagination as to how it would work out! The bloodlust in the hospital setting would be rough, but it would be passable if he works in a rehabilitation center! There are a ton of alcoholics on the board. Seriously. A ton. So the possibilities for plots would be ENDLESS if AA Sponsor route is taken.

As for drug users, as of when this wanted ad was posted, the possibilities for plots would be with these characters (who were on board when the ad was posted):

Recovering addicts:
Janelle Fell
Isaac Solomon
Alyxendra Davis

Addicts/Current Drugs Users/Frequent Flyers:
Ember Winter
Jakob Winter
Peyton Crenshaw
Julian Ambroise

Full Blown Alcoholics:
Adaira McCrae
Braeden Buchanan
Julian Ambroise

Keera Salvatore

Counselors/Medical Fields/Potential Coworkers:
Hospital Workers: Oliver Blake, Mathias Magnusson, Sook Jin, Alyxendra Davis
Counselor Types: Camille O’Connell, Everleigh Lynch

These are all the potential plots on board currently for the character. Give or take, some of these characters may or may not be around upon creation of this wanted ad.

There are very FEW things set in stone about this character. I imagine that this guy is compassionate and has a great deal of experience with abusers. This guy has got to be supportive and understanding, very patient because addicts tend to slip in and out of recovery a lot. His experience with addicts might be because he was an addict himself or possibly because a family member is/was? I’d love to see that in this characters history, please! Maybe their sibling is/was a vampire who had a bloodlust/ripper probably, or their best friend.

There are so many possibilities with this character, ways for the character to grow and connect with others on board. I would love to chat up the person who wants to pick this character up! I am full of ideas and can help anybody figure something out on board to make this character work. It’s a generally open wanted ad. I’d love to see this character have a rivalry and layers to him!

user posted image

What I’m looking for:

Someone willing to chat me up about this character! And willing to be assertive with this characters plots. Please don’t sit and wait for the addicts to approach your character. They’re addicts. They’re of the mindset that this is fine, so being passive about plots won’t help this character save the world around them.

A patient writer, kind of goes hand in hand with an assertive one who will reach out and try to help these characters. Because it will take time. Compassionate writer, someone willing to do just a bit of research before scooping up this. On drug users/addicts/alcoholics, or just someone who has experience or general knowledge of this.

New ideas are welcomed. A writer who can manage multiple plot lines and 450+ word count posts. A lot of players on board are happy and willing to integrate new original characters into their history, so its entirely possible this character could be related to another Original character on board or has history with them already. Click around, look up the members names at the top on our Who Plays Who list to see who writes for them or get an idea of their species to see how you want to work this out! So much open potential!

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