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Faded Echoes is an AU TVD-verse that kicks off after Mid Season 3 with a whole new twist. In the small town of Mystic Falls, go beyond what TVD offers and submerge into Original Plots or Character Driven Plots. FE has more than just the normal Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, but gives you the opportunity to create Shifters or Hybrids as well.

We stray after the Homecoming episode in Season 3 of Vampire Diaries and provide players a place to take the story how THEY want to, using the TVD setting as the foundation to develop as YOU like, encouraging Original Characters OR Canons. Don't know the show? No problem. You just need the setting!

The Original Families, Vampire and Werewolves, are back in town after the Mikaelson family was released by Tatia Petrova, giving us a whole new set up then the show.

We are an intermediate para RP with mandatory application. Jcink Premium. Proper Registration is with your characters First Last name in proper case. Example as follows: Elena Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, John/Smith.

Account Per Character site. 400 Word Count.


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 A Court of Salt and Flame, ACOTAR | Premium

Jun 18 2017, 04:13 PM
May the Forgotten Gods bless us....

user posted image

Feyre and Rhysand believed that they would finally have a moment of peace.
Amarantha tormented the Fae for fifty years. The King of Hybern brought war
to their lands. They defeated it all, and should have been given many years to
build a new life, and enjoy the blessings that such a life could bring. But, there
is a vacuum of power that needs to be filled. Their eyes are upon the other
High Lords and the Mortal Lands, expecting the trouble from land.

They are not prepared for what lays below the seas.
They are not prepared for what has been forgotten.


Kiera is Offline
Jun 24 2017, 04:33 PM
Linked back!

For each character list one trait they believe is their best
and one trait they believe is their worst for 5 days

1. William: best trait = flexibility, worst: everything else
2. Jiya: best trait = her imagination,worst: paranoia
3. Asher: best trait = his humor, worst: are audible hallucinations a trait?
4: Adaira: best trait = drivenness, worst: being forgetable
5. Damon: best trait = devil may care attitude, worst: his big heart

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