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Faded Echoes is an AU TVD-verse that kicks off after Mid Season 3 with a whole new twist. In the small town of Mystic Falls, go beyond what TVD offers and submerge into Original Plots or Character Driven Plots. FE has more than just the normal Witches, Vampires and Werewolves, but gives you the opportunity to create Shifters or Hybrids as well.

We stray after the Homecoming episode in Season 3 of Vampire Diaries and provide players a place to take the story how THEY want to, using the TVD setting as the foundation to develop as YOU like, encouraging Original Characters OR Canons. Don't know the show? No problem. You just need the setting!

The Original Families, Vampire and Werewolves, are back in town after the Mikaelson family was released by Tatia Petrova, giving us a whole new set up then the show.

We are an intermediate para RP with mandatory application. Jcink Premium. Proper Registration is with your characters First Last name in proper case. Example as follows: Elena Gilbert, Benjamin Franklin, John/Smith.

Account Per Character site. 400 Word Count.

Site Event! Renn Fest!

come one, come all!

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 The Credits, Credits & Disclaimers
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Jul 1 2014, 04:27 PM


Gotta give the people props!
The site skin is thanks to Juliannacodes!

The mini profiles on the CrimsonClover and Summer House skin were done by Lauz from Shine!

The popout chatbox is thanks to Peekaboo Side Tables by SubDevo on RPG-D

The tabbed cboxes for the ICC's are thanks to kismet of RPG-D!

A lot of the site templates (those that are similar to this one) on the claims boards, canons, rules, etc. were crafted by
❤ Alygator Coding at Candyland Couture. Thank you!

The main plot was brought together by the Original Creators of Faded Echoes, inspired from the show Vampire Diaries, and shall remain part of Faded Echoes and belongs to the site of Faded Echoes where it was originally created and should not be used elsewhere.

The sub plot, The Hunters & The Hunted was created by Rae and shall remain part of Faded Echoes, belonging to the site of Faded Echoes for all to participate in, and shall only be used on Faded Echoes where it was originally created.

Any and all sub plots created between Canons and Original Characters on Faded Echoes belong to the players involved in the plotting and should only be used on Faded Echoes. If a player should leave the site, the history developed between two characters shall remain part of the player and character that remains on the site if it is required to continue the original development of their characters (i.e. wanted ads that were picked up by players, should the Original Creator of wanted ad leaves after the wanted ad character is developed.)

The characters originally created on Faded Echoes and the plots that stem from them should only be used on Faded Echoes, where they were originally developed.

The Original Werewolf story that describes the Accardo family's heritage and life prior to their cursed state, along with enhanced abilities and the history that involves them in the creation of the Original Vampires and to the Mikaelsons, was developed by Rae and belongs to Faded Echoes.

The Wereanimal First Six story that describes how shifters were created and their lineage was developed by Rae and belongs to Faded Echoes.

The Tips & Tricks section in the Wereanimal Guide was provided by our very own Tia! <3 Thank you SO much for putting that together for everyone to use!

Vampire Diaries and the Canon Characters created by the show and book versions of The Vampire Diaries belong to their respective developers and creators, only altered to fit this Alternate Universe version of Vampire Diaries to work with Original Plots developed on Faded Echoes.

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